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D&F x 200 Grs. Edition.

A metal key body stuck between two heads.

  • Material: Metal
  • Limited Edition of 10 + 2AP
  • 0.98" H x 4.72" W
  • Handmade in Beirut, Lebanon

Two keys brought together for eternity- Lost is a small design object that makes a big statement. The joint keys reflect the lost door of those whose homes have been taken away during the refugee crisis. Created for the D&F initiative Transitions: Migration and Travel, this limited edition piece is both provocative and inspiring - a thoughtful addition to any home.

About 200Grs

In this fast paced world, where technology is taking over, 200Grs fundamentals are organic. The brainchild of architect Rana Haddad and spatial designer Pascal Hachem, 200Grs draws from the city’s constraints and the many challenges facing the current local savoir-faire in Beirut. In that way, 200Grs works actively with local artisans, to promote their work and keep their knowledge alive. Every piece is unique, custom-made, and handcrafted with dedication and passion.