Cast Away Candle Holder

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 D&F x 200 Grs

Aluminum or Brass elliptic casted pebbles from the mediterranean shore.

  • Materials: brass or aluminum, white candle
  • Brass: 3 Produced. Numbered.
  • Aluminum: 7 Produced. Numbered.
  • 2.3" H x 2.3”x 6.2" W  
  • Handmade in Beirut, Lebanon

Illuminate your home with these stunning candle holders - perfect for a beautiful dinner, relaxing evening, or romantic touch. Functional, modern, and unique! These cast brass and aluminum holders add warmth to your home no matter what the season.

In Tom Thumb by Perrault the pebble symbolizes a connection to home. 200Grs uses pebbles collected from the Mediterranean shore to create a statement about those cast out during the current refugee crisis. At D&F, we see them as a catalyst for dialogue. Commissioned by D&F for the Transitions: Migration & Travel collection.

Note: each piece is unique and size may vary slightly.

About 200Grs
In this fast paced world, where technology is taking over, 200Grs fundamentals are organic. The brainchild of architect Rana Haddad and spatial designer Pascal Hachem, 200Grs draws from the city’s constraints and the many challenges facing the current local savoir-faire in Beirut. In that way, 200Grs works actively with local artisans, to promote their work and keep their knowledge alive. Every piece is unique, custom-made, and handcrafted with dedication and passion.