Designer Tote Bag

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A Tote Bag that Supports You and Your Stuff

Screw plastic bags — this reusable 12oz black jumbo canvas tote bag will not only help carry your heavy stuff, but supports what you believe in with pride!

  • Black and natural canvas
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Production of 50 (x3) & 35 Limited Edition Totes
  • Screen Printed in Brooklyn, NY

Available messages:

1. Pre-Order: I'm a Designer Limited Edition Tote ($26) - 12oz Heavy Duty Tote 15"x 16"

  • Sorry, we've sold out! However, another batch is on the way. Please feel free to pre-order your tote now but have patience as it may take 2-3 weeks to arrive. 
  • You asked, we answered: we have now a smaller equally as inspiring version of our traditional "I'm a Designer Tote"

2. Sold Out: I'm a Designer Tote ($26) - 12oz Heavy Duty Basic Tote 19.5" x 15"

3. I Believe in Changing Design Tote ($26) - 12oz Heavy Duty Basic Tote 19.5" x 15"

4. Design and Flow Pledge ($29)  - 12oz Big Heavy Duty Tote 23" x 17" x 6"

  • Become part of the mission by signing your name to our pledge  which states: I,___, pledge to change design to design change. I will use design as a tool, not as an end, in order to transform the world around me for the better. I call for design that has impact, design that is mindful and meaningful, design that opens people's minds. I demand more from design than just aesthetics - and that change starts with me. #addflow